Wes Humpston

Limited Car Paint Silk Screened 


       Shaka Stics

Shaka Stics / Burrito Breath

Flat Kick, wheel wells

    Steve Steadham

Ace of spades mini Reissues, Custom paint 

  Dale Smith & Tate

     Drop through

We dont just make short boards...


Dominate mini pool decks with custom orange burst paint 

       Steve Olson

Skaterbuilt Steve Olson Formica decks.. silkscreened 


Eric Dressen Reissue




   Possessed To Skate Reissue


      OG Dogtown

    Bulldog, Reddog, PC tailtap


        Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Foundation Limited 

       Olson / Muir

Steve Olson & Jim Muir at the shop working on shapes

  Steadham Limited

Steve Steadham Limited Gold Foil


 Navarrette Formica  decks.. silkscreened Andrecht Tribute

Jay Adams Limited

Jay Adams/Pepstar Limited deck by Splitt Lipp

Skateboards made in U.S.A.

Our attention to detail and quality has made us an industry leader. At Splitt Lipp, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. 


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